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The Indian Wedding
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Every bride dreams of “Marriage Made In Heaven”!  The boy fell in love with the girl and the girl fell in love with the boy …… and they live happily ever after!  This sounds so familiar to everyone.  But have you ever imagined getting married with someone you do not love or met before?


Here goes the Indian Marriage. . . .

Indian marriages are customarily "arranged" within the religion, caste and preferably in similar community.  However, with the influence of western culture over the eastern societies, this custom changes considerably.

Indians believe that couples marry not only themselves but rather two families are getting married to each other. More often than not, Indian parents take decisive part in searching a bride or a groom for their children. 

At present, a lot of ancient customs are being neglected. The younger generations nowadays follow the modern means to find their partners.  Although, most of young Indians still rely on their parents’ wisdom, insight and social connections to find suitable mate for them.

In Hinduism, matrimony is a lifetime vow of a woman to her husband and a husband to his wife.  It is not just an agreement by two individuals but a sacred atonement of two souls.  Disbanding of marriage is generally not acceptable. Divorce is not common, but it transpires. The formality required in marriage dissolution is the division of marriage blanket.  Marrying a brother’s widow is the only subsequent marriage honorable and upright in Hinduism.

An Indian wedding is conceivably the most significant social gathering for every family, and indeed one of the most extravagant occasions!  The bride’s family plays an essential role and has a lot more to do on wedding preparations.  Most of wedding expenses are shouldered by the girl’s family. 

Yes! Dowry still exists! The significance of the dowry system is for the security of the bride should something unfortunate occur with her husband such as death or divorce. As you can probably perceive, daughters can be a luxurious offspring!

Hindu Wedding rituals last for days. The ceremonies are done with enormous manifestation and grandeur.




The major stages of a typical Hindu Wedding Ceremony:

 Dwar Puja (Welcome to the groom) The groom's party arrives in a procession and is greeted by the bride's parents and relatives.

Jaimala (Garland ceremony) The bride and groom exchange garlands signifying their respect and acceptance of one another.

Ganesh Puja (Prayer to Lord Ganesha) A special prayer is said for the bride and grooms to ask for a righteous and truthful life and guidance-to follow the family traditions and virtues.

Kanya Daanam (Giving away of the Daughter) The bride's parents invoke the divine presence & formally give their daughter's hand in marriage to the groom.

Gath Bandhan (tying of the Knot) The priest ties the ends of upper garments of the bride and groom in a sacred knot symbolizing everlasting togetherness.

Saptapadi (the seven steps) The bride and the groom take seven steps together, symbolic of seven vows that they pledge to each other.

Shila Vidhi (Rock ceremony and Dhruv Darshan) After the sixth circle around the fire, the bride and groom stand on a piece of stone and look northwards to the North Star and pray for stability of their marriage. After both of them accept the vow, they are allowed to circle the fire for the seventh time.


Sindoor Daan (Application of vermilion or red powder) As the groom applies the red powder to the bride's head, he is affirming that on this day he is devoting his life to her forever.


Aashirvaad (Blessings) At the conclusion of the ceremony, the priest blesses the newly weds.  The guests offer their blessings by showering rice and flower petals.

Indians truthfully trust the judgment of their elders when their lifetime partnership is at stake. They believe that their parents will never take a wrong step nor bring them to undesirable future. 

“Marriage Made In Heaven” is how we make a heaven out of our marriage!

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